Saturday, December 5, 2009

sOOoo SweET~ =)

oder made by peja...for his beloved 'emma'..
so sweey i guess.. =)

convocation's day

COnVOcATioN's daY =)

LamENYER Da XUpdAte BLog..huuu..sORY guYs...
Btw, dis Cupcake was ODEDRed By SyAFiq..ThaNk u So mUCh!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Jared~

20pcs M sized cuppies ordered
to be deliver today----->kelana jaya
~theme: funky baby
~color base chosen: red+purple+white

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday present theme~

The 1st ORDER after CUTI RAYA..

Ordered by 1 of our regular customer Baiti, for birthday occasion.Thnx Aiti~
*sowy the pics is a bit blur cz gne camera hp

Selamat bertunang Auyun & Faiz~

Aiyakkk...lamenye x update blog ni..almaklum bln pose hr tu bz (*aien ko tau kan ape maksudnye..hehehe) yg ni orderly made for majlis pertunangan di Kelantan. Actually yang order ni kakak kepada 1 of our regular customer Cik Yusz. Time kaceh nxt time leh order utk majlis tunang ko plak Yusz. Smile~XoXo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cute Box Orders till 08.08.2009~

Anniversary -En Arif & Kak Hanis~

Ordered on 09/08/2009

21st Bzday-Taufik~

Ordered on 07/08/2009


Ordered on 31/07/2009

Red vs Black color~

Ordered on 06/07/2009

Birthday for both mom n dad~

Ordered on 17/07/2009

Anniversary - Roslinda~

Ordered on 8/07/2009

Farewell - ARM Prunding~

Ordered on 31/06/2009

Mickey Mouse Theme~

Ordered on 31/07/2009. Its for birthday party for little girl called Nurin.

Flora n Fauna theme~

Ordered by MiMi on 17/07/2009


Diz order taken place on 30/06/2009 by a customer requested to design based on Vitaoils product label..

Police Theme~

Diz one ordered by Shyda on 28/7/2009 for Abg Razid sempena birthday. As requested we all designkan cuppies ni bertemakan polis. Mula2 cam blur aje..tibe2 ade idea nk wat barret, pistol dan gari dan x terkecuali bendera malaysia (Hidup Malaysia Negaraku!!)...and at the end ni lah hasilnya...

X lupe jgk..Shyda requested for 'My Heart 2U Package' so extra things included cam biase decorated box wif ribbon + cute hand made card + vanilla-strawberry flava for icing.
Apa yg paling penting Shyda happy dgn design cuppies ni..alhamdulillah.(n_n)x0x0

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ordered on 12.06.09~

Theme 'Family tree' cupcakes ordered by Nenei

Its mom-dad birthday bash ordered on 15.06.09~

This one ordered by Aien's cute to know that both da mom n dad share da same bzday month...that is June~~yeehaa..June is great..ours are also in June!(n_n)happy birthday..LoL~

Triplets of 'Cute box 6 pcs' ordered~